What is the Student Assistance Program (SAP)?

The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is a partnership between Franklin Community Schools and Adult and Child Mental Health, Johnson County's Community Based Mental Health Agency.

SAP includes up to 2 free confidential mental health sessions with a qualified behavioral health professional. These sessions do NOT require insurance. Sessions can be provided face to face, virtual, or by telephone.

FCS is committed to providing mental health support in a variety of ways to meet the needs of its students. SAP should be viewed as an additional layer of mental health support and in no way should discourage students from reaching out to their school counselor or SEL Interventionist.

Why should I utilize SAP?

  • Confidentiality - for students and families who would prefer not go through the school or the school counselor to address their mental health needs

  • Unsure Where to Start - for families who are seeking mental health services for their child, but are unsure where to start or who to call to get mental health support

  • Scope - to assist students whose mental health needs are outside the scope of the school counselor or SEL interventionist

  • Explore Services - for students and families who are curious and would like to explore community based mental health services through Adult & Child

  • Saves Time - bypasses Adult & Child Open Access procedures which saves time; no waiting in line or sitting in the office waiting to be seen - direct access to a therapist

  • Crisis - if a student is in crisis and the school counselor or SEL interventionist are unavailable at the time the student needs support

Who Can use SAP?

At this time SAP is ONLY available to FCS enrolled middle and high school students. This may change and open up to the entire FCS district. More details to come!

When can I talk to an SAP Provider?

Appointments are available weekdays in person (at school or any A&C clinic), by phone 317-275-8886 or virtually to serve all needs.

Call Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., to schedule an appointment.

Adult and Child also offers a 24 hour on-call crisis line at 877-882-5122

How do I access my confidential SAP sessions?

  1. Students can talk with the their school counselor or SEL Interventionist and together they can call 317-275-8886 (with parent permission) to set-up an appointment

  2. Students or parents can call 317-275-8886 - let the operator know you are from Franklin Community School Corporation and would like to utilize an SAP session

  3. Students or parents call 877-882-5122 (toll free number) let the operator know you are from Franklin Community School Corporation and would like to utilize an SAP session

No information can be reported about the student to the school without student and parent's written consent.

*Parental consent is required to utilize this program!

Parental Consent Required

Parents can provide consent by sending the school counselor or SEL Interventionist

  • Verbal consent over the phone OR

  • Signed parental consent form via email or by taking a picture on their phone OR

  • Text message stating "I (parent first and last ) consent to (student first and last name) accessing the SAP program"

What if my (2) free SAP sessions are not enough?

If additional sessions are needed, Adult and Child will help the family by providing access to a Healthcare Navigator. The Healthcare Navigator helps to streamline the insurance eligibility process and will either provide a referral to continue services with Adult and Child or help to identify psychologists in the community that will work with your insurance.

Adult & Child Health proudly accepts Medicaid and most commercial insurances. We also offer an income-based sliding fee scale for those without insurance.

Call 877-882-5122 to learn more!