Find a local therapist by entering your zip code and reason for concern

Provides mental health resources and list of providers in our area

Mental and behavioral health resources, information and providers CHAT or call 24/7 at 877-257-0208

Access to tools and resources that can help you identify what you may be feeling and connect to resources

Helpful resources to learn to talk with your friends about mental health. It may be uncomfortable, but it can make all the difference.

Help encourage others to reach out and support friends who may be struggling with their mental health by bringing Seize the Awkward to your community. Download our Campus Toolkit for tips and tools that you can use to encourage conversations between peers at your school.

Prioritizing mental health in our daily lives allows us to be more resilient when challenging moments arrive. Together, we have the power to Change the Frequency of our mental well being—to build connections, shape positive habits, and form healthy coping techniques.

Weekly Encouragement!

For weekly encouragement and new tips on how to change your mental frequency— text MENTALHEALTH to 474747

This is a list of resources is for public knowledge, they are not endorsed or specifically recommended by the professional staff of the Franklin Community School Corporation.